Additional Prospector Research Solutions™ – “Scalable” Products & Pricing

To consistently sell well and maintain a sizable base of qualified prospects the salesperson must wear many hats: subject matter expert, prospector, needs analyst, marketing specialist, and customer service representative. Salespeople who don’t develop proven methods for each role stand to lose sales or settle for fewer well-qualified customers. To make sure you give a command performance in each of your selling roles, exercise your right to profitable selling resources.  Prospector Research™ Services are designed to accelerate your company’s business opportunities resulting in increased revenue.

Prospector Research™ Contact Lists

Purchase or web access a current list of over 100 key IT decision makers and “C” level executives for your state or pre-selected geographical region.

Prospector Research™ RFP & BIDS

Purchase or web access a current list generated monthly of (minimum ten) qualified information technology RFO,/RFP’s from national, state, local, and private sector companies to add to your pipeline.

Prospector Research™ Consulting Staffing Opportunities

Prospector Research has sourced hundreds of consultant and permanent employment positions from major corporations in your region. For a monthly service fee, you will be able to access these job opportunities and submit your available candidates for review and consideration under your corporate name. Prospector Research Client’s contact you directly upon selection of your candidates. Amount:

Prospector Research™ Project Opportunities

Purchase or web access a current list generated monthly of (minimum ten) qualified information technology solutions initiatives in Fortune corporations from your pre-selected geographical region.

Prospector Research™ Sales Training

Allow Prospector Research to provide your sales force with up-to-date sales techniques from the industry’s best sales and business development professionals via the Internet or eTraining. Our programs are guaranteed to motivate your sales staff utilizing indebt instructional materials and hands-on practice scenarios yielding increased sales productivity and effectiveness.

Prospector Research™ Events

Bring you prospective customers to you. For a one-time service fee Prospector Research will facilitate your corporate presentation with guaranteed attendance from top-level decision makers in your vertical market. Allow us to utilize our proven marketing programs, executive contact lists, web, and printed marketing services to give your company the quality presentation that will yield new business opportunities.